Farm Store will reopen in June 2019
Richard Wilkerson was 23 years old when he joined his dad (Richard Sr.) on a "farm experiment". He says "As a young boy, I remember being at my dad’s 700-acre potato farm in Canada and climbing what seemed like the best jungle gym/maze around. It was an old, rusty potato digger and I was always crawling up the chutes and playing pretend. Its moments like this that helped me develop a great love for farm life. 

My father sold the farm and my family left the forests of British Columbia for Orem, Utah when I was 8 years old. The family business was now home building, roofing, and construction. By age 22, I had been roofing for six years when a 20-foot fall off a very steep roof of a million dollar home sent me to the hospital. I found out the fall impact broke the radial head on my right elbow and sheared off 90% of my cartridge. It would take 6 months for me to recover but I was stuck in bed,  staring at the ceiling, for one full month. I thought to myself 'I’m tired of working for other people and getting hurt for their cause. If I’m going to get hurt, I might as well get hurt for my own cause' and decided to start my own business.  

Around the same time, my dad was looking for a change and he suggested we try to farm some land in the area. We called the first year our “Farm Experiment” because we didn’t know what the market was like and if we could make anything from it. 

In March of 2010, we leased a 4-acre piece of land that had been vacant for 30+ years with lots of weeds and trees. So with shovels, saws, 1 antique tractor, and a plow, we worked long and hard to prep the land. We focused on corn, potatoes, and pumpkins to test the demand. Beginning from the dust, with almost nothing, it was a true miracle that we made $25,000 that first year."

And so they decided to go another year!

But Richard didn't think their road side tent was good enough to help them grow their market. The produce got beaten on by the wind and the rain, plus Geneva Road was so busy that no one could pull in very easily. Pulling from his construction experience, he designed a fruitstand and built the new store in 8 days. 

With continued growth, this project was becoming more than just a hobby. It was time to invest in some real equipment and test the marketability of more variety items. 
The focus this year was farmers markets. Richard carefully designed his farmers market displays and attended all the markets he could.